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How much does it cost to file bankruptcy?

Because every case is different we are unable to quote fees over the phone or internet but will gladly discuss this with you in person. Our goal is to serve every client who walks in our office and we do everything we can to make that financially possible, including setting up payment plans for our clients. Our process begins with a 100% FREE initial consultation. After analyzing your unique situation we will tell you exactly what our services will cost you. We promise that once you meet with us and we have given you a quote our price will not change. We WILL NOT bill or ask you for more money at a later time.

Will my creditors leave me alone once I file for bankruptcy?

Yes, once you file for bankruptcy, your creditors must stop calling you, emailing you, sending you letters or contacting you in any way. This includes your friends and your family members. All collection attempts must stop immediately. Once your creditors have received notice of your bankruptcy they will be required by law to go through your attorney from that point forward. If a creditor continues to harass, you may have a legal claim against that creditor.

Can I keep any of my Possessions?

Yes, Alabama and the Federal Bankruptcy Code allows for certain exemptions of propery. One of our main goals will be to make sure you are getting the most out of the exemptions the law allows.

Will everyone know that I filed bankruptcy?

No, it is not like the old days where all the bankruptcy filings are published in the local newspaper. At Jennings and Messer we take every precaution to protect our client’s privacy.

Will I have to go to Court if I file bankruptcy?

Yes, everyone who files bankruptcy must attend at least one hearing. Most of our client’s only have to attend that one hearing and it is extremely rare that our client’s attend more than 2 hearings.

Does filing Bankruptcy destroy my credit?

Since most people have already damaged their credit prior to filing a bankruptcy, the bankruptcy usually does not damage a persons credit much, if any worse. Moreover, there are instances in which a persons credit score has risen due to the filing of a bankruptcy.

Can I get rid of student loans or tax debt by filing bankruptcy?

Under the Federal Bankruptcy Code you cannot get rid of student loan or tax debt. However, bankruptcy may be able to make paying back these debts much more manageable by paying the debts back through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Can I choose to leave some debts off my bankruptcy petition?

No, you must list all of your debts. Leaving a debt off your bankruptcy petition is against the law.